Fed up with spam

I'm so disgusted with the volume of spam I receive. My author email addy gets filtered, but I still have to delete the crap--usually about 45-60 a day. My personal email account was getting filtered but the company shut down so now I have to manually filter it and delete. My personal email account isn't even posted anywhere, but I get 75-100 spam emails a day on it. Got to be good old Yahoo groups selling my email addy.

I wish they'd create an anti-spam task force authorized to use deadly force to go after this slime of the earth who sends these messages! Arm them with automatic weapons and have them round up this scum, give them a trial with a jury of the people who have had to deal with their garbage, and then throw them in prison for the rest of their lives!!!

Sound like I'm annoyed? You better believe it! I hope I get picked for the jury.

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