Friday Facts About December

On the first day of December, I'm serving up some fun facts about this month.

1. December is the 12th month in our modern Gregorian calendar, and it was also the last month in the former Julian calendar, but it's name derives from Latin for 10, not 12.

That's because in the Roman calendar which preceded the Julian, there were only 10 months with December being the last month hence it's Latin name for 10th.

2. Another fun fact, the winter months actually didn't have names because there was little military, agricultural, or civilian activity then. Calendars were set up to mark events in those areas as well as in civilian time for military, agriculture, or civil life.

3. Weather folklore about December says if there's frost on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, that the winter will be a hard one.

4. On December 13, if the sky is clear, go outside that night and look up. You might be able to see the Geminid meteor shower.

5. Anglo-Saxons of old called December Winter Monath or Yule Monath. Obviously, Monath meant month. When they all converted to Christianity, they renamed the month Heligh Monath, meaning Holy Month.

Takeaway Truth

Everyone is always super busy in December. Try to take time each day to appreciate the quiet moments in life. Enjoy each and every day and look forward rather than backward.

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