Monday Magic - Free App to Convert .MOV to MP4

Have you ever shot a video on your phone and had difficulty sending it to your email or sharing with someone else?

On an iPhone, even if you change the camera settings to compress the video thus reducing the file size, it's usually still too large to easily share.

The answer is to download the video which on an iPhone is a .MOV file and convert it to the more common MP4 file which uploads easily to YouTube and other online video apps.

This problem was how I learned about Free Convert, a dot com free app that works like a charm.


Why do I like FreeConvert so much? 

(1) No need to register and set up an account.

(2) Supports more than 1500 file conversions for videos, images, audio files, etc.

(3) Since it's an online file converter, it works on Windows, Mac, Linux, or any mobile device, and all major browsers are supported.

(4) User-friendly—just upload a file and select a target format. Then wait while it converts.

(5) They use 256-bit SSL encryption when transferring files, and the files are automatically deleted after a few hours in case you forget to click the X to delete immediately.

(6) If you want something more sophisticated, they offer Advanced Options on a subscription tier basis.


I have FreeConvert bookmarked on my computer because it's easy to use, works well, and, of course, it's free since I have no need of Advanced Options. If you try it, leave a comment and let me know if you also found it easy.

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