6 Road Trip Snacks to Pack

6 Road Trip Snacks from a Texas road warrior.

Yes, our kids live hundreds of miles away in different parts of Texas, and my 2 brothers live in different states.

Neither brother is near an airport which means renting a car at the airport to drive another few hours to reach them.

We log a lot of miles each year hence the subriquet "Road Warrior." From our experience, here are some tips to keep you comfortable on a road trip.


1. Bottled water. How many? That depends on the length of your trip. Water is cheap. We stick a case in the back of the SUV.

2. Nuts. If you're not allergic to nuts, then make a mixed bag of nuts and peanuts—lightly salted ones and raw are best except for peanuts. They need to be roasted. Nuts are filling because they're protein, some fiber, and assorted vitamins and minerals.

3. Trail mix. This is a variation on the above, but making a bag of mixed nuts, peanuts, raisins, dried cranberries, and other dried fruits gives just enough to sweetness to satisfy the urge to grab a candy bar at the next planned stop.

4. Low-sugar cookies. A shortbread cookies adds some zing to a coffee break which brings me to the next item.

5. A thermos of coffee. Believe it or not, many small towns don't possess a Starbucks, Dutch Brothers, or other caffeine establishment, and fast food restaurants are notorious for having awful coffee that will make you regret stopping. Get yourself a thermos if you don't already have one, and fill it with your home brewed coffee before leaving home.

6. Beef sticks. Not the gas station type—the healthy type like Jerky Beef Sticks by Country Archer. They're 100% Grass-Fed, Gluten Free, High Protein, and they come in a 28 Count pack for a little over $20 from Amazon. That's less than a dollar each. Costco also sells a beef jerky that's pretty good, but not everyone has a Costco membership.


These snacks won't kill a diet, give you a sugar high, or break the bank like stopping at every Mickey D's across the state will. Travel safely!

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