Review: This Is Pop

From my couch potato weeks of watching far too many movies, TV series, and documentaries, here's a review.

This Is Pop, a 2021 rockumentary now streaming on Netflix, was fascinating in the way it analyzed how music changed from the sixties to current day.

Unfortunately, this film is not available on Amazon. If you aren't a Netflix subscriber, find a friend who is. You'll want to see this.

If you've had the thought, "All these songs sound alike," then this documentary is for you.

The 8-part series highlights the invention and use of Auto-Tune, and the dance club scene in Europe that gave birth to the song factory in Sweden that generated hit after hit. Those who trained in Sweden are now music producers everywhere it seems.

The episodes of the 8-part series are:

Boyz II Men Effect (Philly sound meets Motown.)

Auto-Tune (The little invention that changed the music business will shock you.)

Stockholm Syndrome (That songwriting shop mentioned above.)

When Country Goes Pop (The rise of the crossover artists.)

Hail Britpop (Pop music re-imagined as grunge.)

Festival Rising (Performers connect powerfully with massive numbers of fans.)

What Can a Song Do (Change the world, bring down the Berlin Wall, topple governments, and change the public's perception of just about everything?)

The Brill Building in 4 Songs (These singer-songwriters powered rock and roll in the beginning.)

Takeaway Truth

If you're a music fan, you must watch this documentary series. Two thumbs up. Enjoy!

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