Update: Attempt to Post on Social Media About The Social Dilemma

I reviewed The Social Dilemma Sunday, Dec. 13. I tweeted about it a few times to drive readers to my Review.

I went to Facebook and wondered if I could do the same. Facebook is one of the social media sites most frequently discussed in the documentary-drama hybrid.

Here's what I wanted to post:

A horrific future awaits our world unless change starts soon. My Review of THE SOCIAL DILEMMA. Watch it with your family. It's a call to arms to change what's changing our world—before it's too late. Based on what I saw in this documentary-drama hybrid, I wonder if anyone will even see this post. It may end up on the cutting room floor so to speak. #SlingWords https://slingwords.blogspot.com/2020/12/review-social-dilemma.html

I clicked to add the fair use graphic image of the film's poster which is a 135kb jpg file. (The Social Dilemma Graphic Poster By Source, Fair useLink.) 

A moment later this message popped up: You cannot post while media upload is queuing.

The Post bar grayed out. I waited more than 5 minutes just to see, but the error message never went away, there was no indication of anything trying to upload, and the Post bar remained grayed out.

I added this to the post: 

I tried to upload a fair use 135kb image file of the film's poster. Not only won't it upload, but I received a message saying, "You cannot post while media upload is queuing." Hmm. 135kb is nothing. The Post bar is grayed out. 

After another few minutes, I took a snip screenshot with the P.S. I'd added as shown at the right.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Facebook throws me into FB jail. I'll keep you posted. (Not really worried about that because it would free up so much of my time.)

After watching that docu-drama, I can't say I'm surprised that I was not able to post to FB about it. Probably anything containing the words "Social Dilemma" gets an automatic ban from them. 

Takeaway Truth

What bothers me is they allow really bad stuff to be posted, citing Freedom of Speech, but they don't give a fig for that same Freedom of Speech if it's something that warns people about the dangers of social media for their children.

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