7 More Truths About A Writing Career

This past Wednesday I listed 7 Truths About A Writing Career.

I thought some more about the subject and came up with...

7 More Truths About A Writing Career.

1. Never publicly denigrate another author's books.

If you're a "real" writer, then you know how hard it is to breathe life into the vision in your brain. Sometimes a book just doesn't "sing" no matter how well it is put together. Even if you don't think a book is particularly good, always remember that the author sweated blood over it--just as you do over your work. Be kind.

2. Don't believe everything an editor, agent, or a glowing review says about you.

3. Don't place too much emphasis on reviews--good ones or real stinkers.

If you buy into the good ones, then you'll also have to own the bad ones. Take them all with a grain of salt because reading taste is subjective.

4. Share what you know with others.

If you help someone else along the way, you help yourself (and enrich your karma).

5. Always write.

If you are waiting for a contract, start a new book. If you are certain that you'll never sell, write. If you are depressed, write.

If you are ecstatic over a new contract or soaring sales of your indie book, write. Never stop writing because when you do, that writer's muscle stiffens and atrophies from lack of use.

6. Always strive to improve your craft.

7. Develop a great work discipline.

Write on a regular schedule--every day is best of all. Keep producing. You’ll create one heck of an inventory.

Takeaway Truth

What are your writing truths? Let me know in comments. 

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