3 Tips To Grow Your Audience

Today I was exchanging emails with a friend. She wants to get more involved with advancing her writing career this year.

I gave her what I thought were 3 simple tips to gain some traction and grow her audience. Of course, we all know that simple doesn't mean easy, does it?

These 3 tips might be of interest to others who are starting out or looking to advance so here they are for you.

3 Simple--Not Easy--Tips To Grow Your Audience

1. Have a mailing list and grow it.

Start a subscription newsletter so you have a mailing list targeted specifically to readers who like romance or whatever you write.

Grow this list and nurture it. Participate in newsletter building events. Make contact with your subscribers enough that they don't forget you but not so often that you're bugging them.

2. Publish as often as possible.

That's a tough one. Sometimes life just interferes, but try very hard to write every day. Those paragraphs accumulate into pages and then chapters and then books. I once read an article Andy Rooney wrote. He said, "Four pages a day ends up being a book in 3 months." Adopt a minimum quota and meet it every day, Monday through Friday.

3. Build name recognition.

Marketing specialists used to say someone had to see your name 9 times before they remembered it.

In today's short attention span world, that number is probably doubled or tripled so get your name out there often.

Blog, comment on other blogs, participate in Yahoo Groups devoted to writing and publishing, review anything and everything you buy on Amazon, write newsletter articles for your RWA newsletter if you're a member of a chapter, guest blog when you get a chance.

Takeaway Truth

If only those simply things were actually easy, we'd all be mega-successes, wouldn't we? I believe the key is to consistently take action. Do something every day to follow these tips. Sometimes the tiniest things can yield big results.

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