Review: A Baby for Easter

I think I've read all of the romance novels by Susan R. Hughes. I love the deep emotion with which she imbues her characters.

I would describe her books more as Women's Fiction with strong romance elements.

About A Baby for Easter

Helen Ellis rarely talks about how she met her late husband, Blake. When her granddaughter Julie begs her to tell the story, Helen finally delves into bittersweet memories from the summer of 1978, when a young bartender’s dreamy good looks caught her eye and his kind soul captured her heart.

Having run from her strict religious home at eighteen, and then broken away from her cheating boyfriend, Helen wasn’t ready to give up her newfound freedom. With Blake set to leave for relief work overseas, a temporary romance seemed inevitable—until an unplanned pregnancy turned their plans upside down.

My Review

Like I said above, I love the books Susan R. Hughes writes, but I was a little concerned about this one after reading the book description. I'm happy to say my concern was unwarranted.

In the talented hands of this author, the romance that Helen Ellis relates to her granddaughter about Blake, the love of Helen's life, becomes something timeless rather than nostalgic.

The emotion and love Helen has for her late husband is palpable. This story is the stuff of great romance--books and movies. Like all of the authors' heroines, Helen is someone who has learned life's lessons the hard way. Somehow, she has endured and grown wiser and stronger from those hard lessons.

It's a Keeper!

This is one you'll probably add to your Keeper Shelf.

Takeaway Truth

This is a wonderful story! Hurry, and get A Baby for Easter.

You can find it for only 99 cents at Amazon Kindle. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can get it for free.

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