Love Audio Books? Stretch Your Money

I love audio books. Whether you call them audio books or audiobooks--I write it both ways--they're growing in popularity.

Audiobooks make it easy to stay up with what's popular in fiction and nonfiction when you don't have much time for reading.

Time Is Biggest Factor

Audio books have zoomed in popularity. I think this is because time is at such a premium in today's world. Readers often don't have the time to devote to reading.

Being able to listen to an audio book allows readers to indulge their love of books. Audio books can take away the tedium of commuting, traveling, mundane chores and tasks, and entertain you all at the same time. When chitchat at a social gathering turns to the bestsellers, audio book listeners can hold their own.

To Get Most for Your Dollar, Join Audible

Audible offers several introductory offers for membership. Basically, you get a free trial. After 30 days, the Audible membership fee goes to regular price, that's only $14.95 a month.

Each month on the basic plan, you get 1 credit per month. If you don't spend the credit, it rolls over. For 1 credit, you can buy any audiobook, regardless of retail price. Now that's a deal! Click here to learn more about Membership Plans.

Plus, there are special sales for members throughout the year--sales like BOGO or $4.99 or less sale prices. I stock up during the sales.

There are alternatives to paying high retail prices for audiobooks. I'm sure there are other audiobook sites with membership fees, but I'm most familiar with Audible which also offers another benefit to readers.


Another benefit to Audible membership is WhisperSync. If you buy the Kindle ebook edition first then the audiobook can be purchased for a reduced rate. You can switch back and forth between reading the Kindle book edition and listening to the Audible audio book. It will sync to the farthest read point automatically.

You can check the ebooks in your Kindle library to see if they're WhisperSync enabled. Although all of mine are available through WhisperSync, not all Kindle books are. Learn more about WhisperSync here.

With Audible, you can download a book in just about any format so you can play it on your iPod or MP3 player, your Smartphone, computer, or even burn a CD and play it in your car or home if you're still listening to CDs.

Audio Books Embraced

The popularity of audiobooks is growing by leaps and bounds. Once they were used mostly by the blind.

Now, they have risen in popularity because they make books accessible to anyone--people who love to read and people who are marginal readers. Plus, you can "read" an audiobook while traveling, commuting, working out at the gym, cleaning house, or weeding a flower bed.

Takeaway Truth

About 5 years ago, a little more than 4,600 audiobooks were released. Fast forward a couple of years, and the audio book releases had more than doubled. Their popularity is only going to keep increasing which is very good news for authors--and readers too.

My Audiobooks

I've had 8 of my romance novels produced as audiobooks.

Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones
Just One Look
Nobody's Cinderella
Old Enough to Know Better
Romeo and Judy Anne
Scents and Sensuality
Still The One
The Trouble With Love

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