Overcoming Fear

From fighting FEAR each time it rears its ugly head!
Psychologists and other learned folk say only fear of the dark and fear of falling are genetically encoded in humans. All the other fears, we personally and individually create.

Ah, We Suffer for Our Art

With those in the arts, certain fears predominate: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of having our work seen by others--even though that's why we create it. If this goes unchecked, it can be debilitating.

With writers, it's a primary cause of writer's block. If you bow to the Power of Fear rather than fight it, fear will bore into your soul and eventually destroy you.

If you suffer from fear, no matter what that fear may be, act in the face of your fear, and you gain power over it instead of letting it rule over you and your life. When fear rules, you lose all that you might otherwise gain.

Takeaway Truth

Write this on a note card and place it where you can easily see it. Each time I stare fear in the face and act anyway, I win, and Fear loses.

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