Everything Old Is New Again

Yesterday I posted about contemporary cultural trends so today I thought I'd talk about things from the past that are hot again.


Summer is here so you can happily break out the Birkenstocks. These clunky slide sandals are hip again. For the last year, sales have been zooming on these cork-soled leather sandals. So if you have an old pair back in the closet, drag them out. If you buy them new, be prepared for sticker shock.

60's Style Is Hot

Designers like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton featured styles reminiscent of the 1960's in last fall's runway show. Mass-market retailers like Target seized the concept and ran with it. Look for designs there and at other retail stores that look like something your grandmother wore in high school.

Flip-Up and Clip-On Sunglasses

This has got to be my favorite old/new trend because they're so practical. If you wear glasses, it just makes sense to clip a sunglass accessory over the lenses. As to the flip-ups, they remind me of old movies where geeky teens wore them. Since this is the age of the geek, I guess it's only natural that they're popular again.

Takeaway Truth

Yep, nothing ever goes out of fashion. It just gets recycled--as soon as some Hollywood star adopts it.


  1. My mother worked in fashion in London. She always told me to hold on to my clothes, they'd be back in fashion. I like the sixties look. The flip up sunglasses sound cool. Less stuff to carry around.

    1. Your mom was right! Wish my mom had hung onto some of the things she had like the Jackie Kennedy style pillbox hat. *g*