Online Word Of Mouth Marketing

Everybody in the book biz will tell you that Word of Mouth marketing is perhaps the best way to sell books. Some books' sell-throughs have been created by Word of Mouth marketing. Now there's another online way to take advantage of Word Of Mouth praise for an author and a book.

Most readers are always looking for new authors to discover and new books to read. So we ask bookstore employees and owners, friends, and relatives. That way we feel as if we're getting good advice on who to read and, in many cases, which book to start with if the author has written several.

That's the idea behind Debbie's Idea. It's a website where readers make suggestions about authors' books, giving their opinion as to which book best represents an author's work.

Good news for writers. You can go and register your own titles on a personalized page on the site so readers can be sure to find you.

Think of it as another tool in the PR Tool Box as well as a way to grow readers. You too might discover a new author to read.


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  2. Very cool. Thanks for the tip!