10 best things about home

Since I just returned from a trip, I thought I'd list reasons why home is so great.

1. My husband who didn't accompany me
2. My own bed
3. My own pillow
4. My brand of coffee at the strength I make it
5. Sleeping late the next morning
6. Wearing my pajamas to work (my home office) the next morning
7. Browsing through several days' worth of newspapers
8. Sitting on the patio to breakfast and gaze at the roses
9. Walking barefoot throughout the house and yard
10.Sitting down to write and looking out my study window at the weird things people do.

Like the man who pulled up in a pickup, got out, looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then he took a stack of old newspapers from the neighbor's recycling bin on the curb, tossed them in his truck, and raced away as if he were committing some felonious act.

People are just endlessly interesting.

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