Women: hide now!

Oh, no. I just saw in the newspaper this bit of distressing news. Ruffles are back.

Please, God, say it isn't so.

I look again just to make sure. Yep, there it is in the Dillard's ad, right above the picture of what is probably a fifteen-year-old girl who wears a size 0. Yes, guys, there really are size zeros. The model in the ad weighs maybe 95 pounds and 5 of that is foundation, eye shadow, and mascara. She may look as if she's twenty, but I'm not fooled. I have a daughter who modeled so I know the way that fantasy business works.

Discover the trend, ladies romantic ruffle blouses.

I hate ruffles. I don't think shirts, excuse me, blouses, with a gazillion tiny buttons up to your chin and yards of ruffles hanging from chin to navel, are romantic in any way.

If God had wanted women to wear ruffles, He'd never have let the tee-shirt be invented.


  1. Sure there's a size 0. And you know why? Because what used to be a size 16 is now a 10.

  2. By the way, men's sizes are changing, too. My son says he used to wear Large or XLarge T-shirts. Now has to buy a medium.