How to Dye Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs for the Scavenger Hunt!
1. Purchase a package of Easter Egg Dye.

2. Assemble all ingredients:

cups you don't mind staining

white vinegar (don't know why)

funny little wire thing used to dip eggs into dye

lots and lots of paper towels.

3. Boil eggs.

4. Let eggs cool.

5. Peel shells from eggs.

Uh oh. Eggs were still soft.

6. Boil more eggs.

7. Let eggs cool.

8. Peel shells from eggs.

Uh oh. Shells removed chunks of the egg white too.

9. Stare at mess in the kitchen.

10. Ask yourself a very important question.

Do you want to go buy another dozen eggs, OR do you want to buy a big bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs?

No contest. Reese's wins. They come in colorful wrappers like dyed eggs. You can hide them like dyed eggs. There's no risk of salmonella with them, and there's no mess to clean up.

Takeaway Truth

To dye or not to dye. That is the question only you can answer.

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