Promise of Spring

Here in Houston we've had a long cold winter. I know many of you have that every year where you live, but we don't!

One thing I've always loved about this part of Texas is that our winters are wonderful. Just enough cold days to wear sweaters and even a coat sometimes.

This year, we've had snow, ice, nearly two weeks of freezing and below freezing temperatures, snow again, ice again, and, frankly, we're all tired of it!

Seed Catalogs

Last week in the mail came a seed catalog. Eagerly I grabbed it, sat down with a cup of coffee, and browsed the pages of flowers, vegetables, shrubbery, and trees just waiting for the home gardener. I can hardly wait to cut back the winter kill that dots my yard and get the flower beds ready for spring planting.

Along with herbs and flowers, I'll plant tomatoes, okra, and squash. I can hardly wait. In the meantime, I'm doing the next best thing which is shopping via the seed catalog. I want to try a couple of the new thornless blackberry plants and Darling Hubby wants a Gala apple tree to replace the one that died last year.

Takeaway Truth

Nothing says "Spring is coming" like a seed catalog.

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