If Only I'd Known, Writing Lesson by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Every author learns things after writing a few books. Authors often say that they wish they'd known "that" at the beginning of their career.

I think the best thing we can do as authors is to pass along the lessons we've learned. With that thought, I've asked author friends to share these lessons with those who are at the threshold of a writing career.

Today, my friend Jennifer Bray-Weber, author of The Laird's Reckoning, a historical pirate romance, has a lesson to pass on to you. Jenn has written and published 8 Romancing the Pirate novels and one erotic romantic suspense under the pen name Harlowe Wilde.

About Jennifer Bray-Weber

Award-winning author Jennifer Bray-Weber is a proud native Texan. She is a married domestic goddess/beach bum with two beautiful daughters. The type to take dares, she has been able to express her creative thinking through countless questionable, often hilarious, life experiences.

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If Only I'd Known
by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Anyone who knows me is not surprised that I while I look before I leap, I jump into things with both feet. No dipping the toes or testing the waters. I believe in learning by doing, making mistakes, growing, and striving to be better.

What I Wish I'd Known

The one thing I wish I’d known, or at least learned early on, is how to manipulate my time better.

While the industry is fast moving and fluid, allocating my time has not been—think kids, work, obligations, and so forth and so on.

Time management is important, and I’ve been slow to train myself to better maintain it. Admittedly, it’s a work in progress. So my advice to new authors is to carve out time daily for writing. Treat it as if you are punching a timecard for work.

Be patient in learning your craft and don’t rush your product. Be aware that extra time is needed to prepare your launch into the world as a published author—building a website, forming a brand, creating a buzz, generating a following, etc.

After publication, still more time must be devoted to marketing your book, your brand, and yourself. Whew! Time really does fly!

One Other Piece of Advice

Always remember that you are at your best now, but you will be better tomorrow.

The Laird's Reckoning by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Pirate or Laird…?

Birk Bane was born the second son, the unwanted son, the unneeded son. Crossed by family and falsely accused of a crime, he flees Scotland to the sea where he’s recruited by a pirate.

Five years later, he’s captain of his own ship and embraces his new life, though an ache for the woman he left behind remains. When he receives word of his father’s death and his clan is floundering, Birk begrudgingly returns home. Little does he know there’s more he left behind than a title…much more.

Sheena MacRae helped Birk escape to safety years ago, always expecting he’d return. Time passes, and she believes him to be dead. With her clan being terrorized and slaughtered, she accepts she is the only one who can stop the suffering by agreeing to marry Laird Gordon, the man behind the assaults. The man who is also poised to rule Birk’s clan.

Despite the crushing need to hold Birk in her arms once more, his reappearance changes nothing. Sheena has too much to lose if she reneges the betrothal to Gordon. And while Birk’s intentions are to return to the sea after reclaiming his clan, she didn’t count on her pirate lover’s plan for revenge…

The longer he’s home, the more betrayal Birk uncovers. There will be a fiery battle ahead for Birk and his brethren. If he survives, how will he choose between the life he loves and the love of his life?

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Takeaway Truth

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  1. Excellent advice, and a hearty bit of an excerpt there, Jenn!
    Wishing you high tides and following seas with your latest upcoming release. I've shared it with my mates on my author page :) Lo

    1. Many, many thanks, Lo, for your kind words and support! (((hugs)))