10 Writing Truths for Tuesday

1. Know what kind of story YOU like and write that kind of story.

2. Know what your strengths are and work to capitalize on them.

3. Know your weaknesses and work to improve them.

4. When you finish a manuscript, start another immediately to keep the words flowing.

5. Write everyday even if it's only a paragraph or notes about the story.

6. Unless you write extremely fast, ignore the hot trends because by the time you get something written and ready to publish, the trend may have died.

7. Be a cheerleader for your fellow writers. They worked hard to get what they've got so applaud them, root out envy, and focus on your work and what you want to achieve.

8. Ignore advice that your gut tells you is wrong, but make sure your gut is fueled by sound instinct not fear.

9. Be open to new information and new ways of doing things.

10. Ignore people who tell you what you should be doing. You should be the best judge of what you should do. Design your own plan and follow it.

Takeaway Truth

Writer, know thyself.


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