5 Online Tools You Need

I've got 5 online tools that will help you just about every day.

Online Character Count Tool

You know all those forms you fill out online? Most of them are limited to a specific character count. This tool makes eliminates the guesswork. Just paste in the text. It will give you character count, word count, sentence count, and white space count.

Random Name Picker

Need to pick a name for a giveaway? Just enter them in the form, and the picker will randomly select the winner.

Google Translate

I use this a lot. Most recently, I used it to assist in the production of my video promoting my French language novels. See the video, Célébrer l'amour avec des romans de Joan Reeves that's Celebrate love with novels by Joan Reeves, on YouTube or on the blog's video page.

Release Countdown

Post a countdown widget on your website or blog for a book release or other event. Easy app gives you the code to paste in.

Infinite Looper

If you like to write scenes to music, this website is fantastic. Search for a song, and it pulls up a list of videos. Select one, and Infinite Looper will play it over and over.

Takeaway Truth

There are many wonderful aspects of the Internet like these websites that actually help you.

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