Review: The Most Unsuitable Courtship by Caroline Clemmons

The late Zane Grey's novels of the American West are still some of the most popular books published. So are the western novels of Louis L'amour. Perhaps this is because a lot of western novel readers don't realize that there are contemporary authors writing in the genre.

One of these is Caroline Clemmons, and she knows this genre. In fact, I'd say she loves the genre because she does the western, the only true American literature genre, justice with her latest novel.

The Most Unsuitable Courtship
is more than just another western novel. It's a well-plotted action thriller that's full of romance and passion and peopled by very likable characters.

Blurb It

Federal Marshal Storm Kincaid is on the trail of a lawless band of men who take pleasure in the violence they unleash on innocent settlers in 1888 Texas. Rena Dmitriev is a Bavarian immigrant who has know little besides violence in her life. Married to a much older man who offered her protection and a chance to escape the violence in their homeland, she expects the worst when these ruthless murderers ride onto their small homestead.

Warned by her husband Abram, she is able to reach the hiding place her wise husband had prepared in advance, just in case life wasn't as peaceful in this new country as they hoped.

Rena's world is ripped apart when she watches the men kill Abram, steal their valuables, kill their animals, and burn their home. She is still in shock, still hiding, when Marshal Kincaid rides into her life.

For the first time, Rena is determined to get vengeance on the men who took everything from her, leaving her completely alone in the world. In the past, she never could have fought back, but the death of kindhearted Abram who had saved her, makes her vow to chase them down and make them pay. Unfortunately, Marshal Kincaid is not in the vengeance business. He's sworn to uphold law and order and bring the men to justice as prescribed by law.

When the Marshal rides on, Rena rides with him, determined, despite what Storm Kincaid says, to get her own form of justice. As Rena and Storm travel together and learn more of each other, they gain respect for each other and the experiences that have shaped them. Storm is an honorable man, and he's determined to talk Rena out of her revenge. Rena, despite her growing emotional attachment to Storm, is just as determined to carry through her plans. With every ravaged homestead they pass, her vow strengthens.

As they journey, they rescue three children whose parents were killed by the marauders. Their growing attachment to the orphans and their inability to find a family willing to adopt all three create an unexpected problem for Rena and Storm.

My Opinion

This western novel has the sensibilities of contemporary culture in that there is a lot of non-stop action, and the curtain isn't drawn when the romance heats up. The passion between Storm and Rena is believable and well-developed.

Just when you think everything has worked out, clever author Clemmons throws another monkey wrench into the possible peace and tranquility. This is a page turner that will keep you guessing.

Takeaway Truth

Definitely two thumbs up for The Most Unsuitable Courtship. Grab a copy today.

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