System Mechanic: The Magic Bullet

Everyone bandies about the phrase: magic bullet.

Pop dictionaries define magic bullet as a medicine or other remedy, especially an undiscovered or hypothetical one, with wonderful or highly specific properties.

Well, today, I have a software for you that I call a magic bullet for PC performance. It's not hypothetical, and it's not undiscovered because I discovered it with a little help from an online friend, Jack Follman of iolo technologies. And, it definitely has wonderful and specific properties -- it improves the performance of your computer which will save you time and help you to work more effectively.

I often complain here on SlingWords about my computer problems. I bought a new PC in July 2011. In the beginning it was so fast it thrilled me. I bragged about it! Time marched on, and the new whiz of a PC slowed down, down, down. Occasionally, I started having weird problems with it. Most recently, I had Java Script errors that just about drove me crazy. It took a day out of my life exploring the myriad Java Script errors and trying to figure out which one was the culprit. Fortunately, I got that problem solved, which was a conflict between Java and a Facebook AddOn, but it made me mean and cranky.

Then Jack asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing System Mechanic, a product from his company iolo technologies. I'm very open to reviewing products I think might be worthwhile for me and for you readers so I said yes. Unfortunately, what with my writing schedule, the holidays, and the sinus infection from hell, I didn't get around to downloading the review copy until last night.

Blown Away

Frankly, I was blown away by System Mechanic. It's designed to:

Boost Speed -- your PC startup, your internet speed, program operation and gaming performance.

Diagnose & Repair problems -- over 30,000 different PC problems by using intelligent live updates from iolo Labs™.

Clean-up your files from the computer registry to removing junk files and cleaning up files that have an impact on your privacy like chat histories.

Plug Security Holes --Block dangerous program, system changes and faulty settings.

That's just the tip of the iceberg of what it can do for your computer.

Check Out Website

Visit iolo technologies and you'll find clear concise explanations of their software, what it does, and how it works. You'll also find a wealth of free articles to help you better understand why your computer's performance slows and deteriorates and what you can do about the problems.

Best of all, if you buy System Mechanic -- an absolute bargain at $39.95 -- you get an unlimited home use license, a 30 day money back guarantee, and free product support. (No, *LOL* I don't get a commission!) I'll be honest, the software is so user-friendly and intuitive, that I can't imagine anyone needing the product support. Still, it's there if you do.

In case you wondered, the software is Microsoft Certified For Windows® 8, 7, Vista and XP. You can see all kinds of badges attesting to its credibility on their website.

Count Me In

The company claims over 76 million pc's repaired. Well, as of last night, they can make that 76 million and 1 because in the space of about 10 minutes, System Mechanic scanned my PC and fixed the problems. Actually, the 10 minutes were mostly used by me to read the lists of tasks it could do to improve performance and the explanations of why it was a good thing for System Mechanic to do them.

Here's a list of what it did on my computer:

Turned off 10 unneeded start-up programs. Removed 1 broken shortcut. Removed offline temporary internet clutter, internet clutter, and downloaded program clutter. (Each of these amounted to 10-12 mb of data.)Optimized Internet configuration. Fixed 200 Registry problems. Repaired 14 security vulnerabilities. Oh, and it is enabled to check on the PC every week and apply new live definitions if needed -- kind of a safety net in case you don't actively monitor your PC's health -- which I don't. Yep. My bad.

In case you think a mistake might have been made in what it did, there's a way to reset it back to where it was.

Takeaway Truth

I have no reservation about giving 5 out of 5 stars to System Mechanic. It can improve your PC's performance, prolong the life of your PC, and keep you from investing hours on end in trying to figure out why you're having problems. In other words, it just might save your sanity.