Review: Seal Team Six by Howard Wadin & Stephen Templin

Today's review is for an amazing book, SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper by Howard Wasdin and Stephen Templin which I "read" by listening to the audio book edition from Audible.

SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper on Audio.

SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper on Kindle.

As is my custom when I review ebooks, I give the Kindle Buy Links or the Audible Buy Links since I read most books on my Kindle or listen to them on my iPod or iPhone after purchasing from Audible. However, I'm certain every book I review is available at most ebook sellers and audio books from iTunes so look for them on the platforms that match your ebook reading or listening device. Click here to shop for your very own Kindle.

Blurbing The Book

SEAL Team Six is a secret unit tasked with counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and counterinsurgency. This book is the story of Howard Wasdin who survived what would have killed most men. His story takes you deep into the world of Navy SEALS and Special Forces snipers from a childhood of deprivation and abuse to the grueling selection process of BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) to the hell of Mogadishu.

The Narration

Ray Porter is the narrator of this book, and he is amazing. I can't imagine anyone else doing this book. His voice sounds like what you think a Navy SEAL would sound like. He brings the right tone to the dramatic events and infuses a droll note to some events that are unexpectedly humorous. Humorous? Yes, as in the same noir-type humor exhibited by cops when dealing with terrible crime scenes.

My Thoughts

If you've followed the news this last year, you've heard all about the SEALs and SEAL Team Six in particular. For a super secret unit, the team has been getting a lot of publicity since finding Bin Laden and delivering justice.

I've watched the documentaries on the National Geographic channel about the SEALS, and I've seen Howard Wasdin, the SEAL that is the focus of the book, on many of these shows as he provides insight and commentary about everything SEAL.

If you truly want to know that war is hell, read this book. If you want the truth about the realities of what our soldiers, the regular ones and the special ops, have to deal with in doing their job when it comes to politicians, officers jockeying for position, and all the other crap these warriors have to contend with, read this book.

I'm amazed that anything effective ever gets done in this so-called war against terrorism. Not because these warriors aren't committed and willing to give their lives in the effort, but because their hands are so often tied.

These soldiers don't fight to bring democracy to other lands or to impose the American will on anyone else. They lay down their lives for their brothers in arms. They lay down their lives because they have sworn to protect this country. They don't choose the fight or the battle. They don't make the decisions or policies.

They are the ones at risk when executive and congressional decisions, often made to improve a rating in opinion polls, send them into harm's way. Then they have every kind of roadblock thrown in their way in trying to achieve an objective.

This book is compelling, eye-opening, and validates what I've been told by servicemen. This book will make you cry; it will enrage you. It will stay with you.

Get this book.

Takeaway Truth

God bless and protect these men who are the silent warriors.