Thoughts Determine Outcome

I've been semi-glued to ESPN since last Thursday because The Open, commonly called The British Open, has been underway.

I'm the world's worst golfer, but I love watching the tournaments with my husband. He's the real golfer in the family. No matter how hot the weather, he'll hit the golf course every chance he gets.

Watching the professionals, it's interesting how they can play so well until something happens -- maybe a bad shot puts them in a bunker or the rough, maybe someone they're playing with gets an eagle and leaps ahead in scoring -- then they fall apart. I often wonder what a golfer is saying inside his head when those moments occur.

The great Bobby Jones said: "Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears."

I think that's true, and I think it's true for golfers and for just about everybody.

We all play a game of some kind. Mine is writing. What's yours? Regardless of what you do in life, you're playing your game on that same five-inch course -- the distance between your ears.

Your thoughts can determine how well you overcome challenges, how well you deal with adversity, and how well you persist. In fact, your thoughts program you to win or lose, much as a golfer's thoughts program him or her.

Takeaway Truth

What are your constant thoughts? Do they set you up for success or failure?

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