Just One Look at Audio Books

I love audio books and listen to them just about every weekend when I drive from home to our Texas Hill Country retreat. They make the time fly.

Knowing how great they are for commuters -- whether to work each day or for anyone on a longer trip -- was why I wanted my books to be made into audio books.

Great Selection

I not only wanted them to be audio books, but I also wanted them to be affordable. I've spent a fortune on audio books in the stores, and I've always griped about the limited selection.

With Audible and iTunes, I discovered that you can find anything you want at very reasonable prices. In fact, Audible has a subscriber option where you can sign up at only $7.49 a month for the first 3 months, and you get to choose a free audio book each month. You can also cancel at any time. Now that's a deal!

My first audio book, Just One Look, was also my first ebook. You can listen to a very short sample on the iTunes sales page, but the Audible sales page has a much longer sample.

The audio book of Just One Look is read by talented Felicia Greenfield. She did an amazing job of bringing the characters and the book to life. In fact, I lost myself in listening to her performance, nearly forgetting that I knew the story because I'd written it!

(Of course, Just One Look, is still available as an ebook, and, later this year, as a print book.)

Takeaway Truth

I'm an avid reader. If you are too, discover audio books: another way to enjoy the books you love.

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