How To Give A Kindle

I've been asked several times about how to give a Kindle as a gift. I mean ordering one from Amazon, not buying one at a retail outlet.

Designating your Kindle purchase as a gift means the device ships unregistered, ensuring future content purchases such as books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs will be charged to the appropriate account.

Advance Set-Up

However, if your lucky recipient knows they're getting a Kindle from you, they may want everything set up from the get-go so they can just charge the Kindle and start buying books.

To set up account information and register the Kindle to your recipient before he/she receives the kindle, you will need to know these things:
  • e-mail address to be used on Amazon
  •  password credit card and billing address of recipient in order to set up 1-Click payment method and other information that he/ she wants to use in the account.
Chances are you won't know this nor feel you can ask unless the recipient is a family member, so sending it unregistered and letting the recipient set up the best. However, if you have all this information, and the recipient wants it all set up in advance, there should be no problem in doing that.

Another option is the easiest of all: send an Amazon Gift Card.

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Takeaway Truth

A Kindle, or any ereader for that matter -- and there are a lot to choose from -- is a great gift for any occasion.

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