What a busy weekend I've had! Of course, my weekend started Friday with the arrival of daughter #1 and her family. We had such a good time, but that meant no time for blogging, writing, or any of my ordinary "writerly" activities.

Here it is Sunday evening, and things are settling down a bit. I must confess I'm exhausted from marathon bouts of Scattergories, Apple To Apple (insane the way we play it), and other board games and WII games. All the mass quantities of cooking -- for a very appreciative audience -- have given me a fridge full of leftovers along with contributing to the overall lack of energy.

Another 1 Year Milestone

Friday, I had planned to celebrate, with you, the 1 Year Anniversary of Romeo and Judy Anne (Book 2 of Texas One Night Stands), but our lovely daughter arrived sooner than expected and the post didn't get written.

I strongly believe Tom Peters was right when he said, "Celebrate what you want to see more of."

I want to see more of my romantic comedies available for readers who love to laugh while they read a story about two people who are made for each other but who just haven't discovered that fact yet. So I celebrate the anniversary of the publication of each ebook.

Let's celebrate together. I'm giving away 10 free copies of Romeo and Judy Anne. First come; first served. I'll use the time stamp on the email to determine if you receive a free copy. (Book 3 of this series, Forever Starts Tonight, starring Allison Platt who was introduced in Book 1, will be published in the fall/winter of this year.)

If you want a free copy, please follow these instructions:

1. Email me at Joan at JoanReeves dot com.

2. In subject box, put REAL LIVE PERSON -- RJA free offer.

3. In your email, tell me whether you want to receive a free copy for Kindle, Nook or Smashwords.

4. Also give me your registered email address for the ebook seller of your choice.

I'll send you a gift card for Romeo and Judy Anne.

Takeaway Truth

Thank you to all who buy my books. I appreciate your support and look forward to giving you more wonderful books in the future. 

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