5 Best Shows On Summer TV

Seldom has summer been such a treasure for TV viewers. In fact, television has surpassed theatrical releases for great storytelling.

I had some free time last night about midnight *g* so I caught up on some of my DVRd programs.

Everyone raves about Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and all the other HBO and Showtime series so I don't need to add my raves. Besides, those aren't some of my faves. Guess I'm just weird.

Here's my list of 5 of the best shows on television this summer. What do they all have in common? Great characters, stories, twists, and turns. In other words, great writing.

1. Falling Skies -- love, love, love it. I've always been a SF fan, and this series pushes all my buttons. Great acting, great characters and relationships, surprising twists -- all of which mean great writing from the show's creator, show-runner, and writing staff.

2. White Collar -- been around the block a few times, but still delivers. In fact, the first two episodes this season have been even better than before because of the characters and their growth arcs and the surprising turn of events.

3. Burn Notice -- still one of my favorite shows. After this many episodes, the show is still stellar. Writers would do well to study the character growth exhibited by burned spy Michael and his gunrunning girlfriend Fiona. Some of the best secondary characters of any show.

4. The Closer -- back to close out this great series with a bang! The series opened two weeks ago with its final 6 episodes, but, smart producers that they are, they're spinning the secondary characters off into a series of their own called Major Crimes. I'd noted last season that Lt. Rader was undergoing a personality enhancement, and the new series, which she will headline, is why. Can't wait to see her and the gang in Major Crimes.

5. Longmire -- fabulous new mystery/police procedural series set in Wyoming and based on the Longmire Books by Craig Johnson. Robert Taylor is excellent as Sheriff Longmire, and how great to find Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica aka Katee Sackhoff as a Deputy on the show. Also has the fabulous Lou Diamond Phillips as a main character -- inspired casting.

Takeaway Truth

If you want great viewing, don't go to the movies. Just turn on your television. 

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