3 Steps To Successful Marketing

A knowledge of marketing will help you in your effort to sell anything from books to widgets. Here are 3 Basic Steps To Successful Marketing.

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1. Get noticed.

The world must find you. Have a blog and a website. Guest blog. Join writer's groups. Write book reviews and post on the major booksellers' websites. Find an aspect of Social Media that you can comfortably work. Network your friends and family. Word of mouth from readers who like your books is priceless so work on creating that.

2. Establish credibility.

You do this with your ad copy, i.e. every written text about your book from your Book Description and Biography to your book cover. Reviews can help but you won't get reviews unless you get readers. Everything should shout PROFESSIONAL, INTRIGUING. Your book should be indistinguishable from one published by a big NY publisher. That's your goal with everything you do in producing your book package.

3. Make sales.

Never give a reader a chance to say no. In other words, don't let anything on that book page confuse them or make them pause and think or turn them off.

If you're uncertain about how to go about any of these steps, I always advise writers to find an author whose books are similar to yours and who is achieving the level of sales you want. Then spend a lot of time analyzing what they do: their book pages, bio page, and what they do.

Takeaway Truth

Learn from someone whose career is what you'd like to emulate.


  1. Very helpful information Joan! Thanks so much.

  2. These are good, helpful suggestions, Joan. I'm the first to admit how little I know about book promotion.