Make Your Website The Bomb

Want to make your website hot? Make it the bomb? Previously, I'd posted Make Your Website Sticky. Sticky is the word commonly used to describe a site that attracts visitors and makes them stay on site.

How do you accomplish this? Exactly what can you do to make your website appealing to visitors?

Right Techniques

Whether you're a writer or a business person, the techniques used to create a website that's desirable are the same.

If you're a writer, you want to create and maintain a website that web surfers, hopefully readers, will want to visit, want to stay there at length, and return time after time. If you're a business person, you want the same thing. Both of you are trying to sell a product.

Writer's Product

In the case of the writer, the product is you and/or your books. In the case of the business owner, the product is an item you retail on your website. You both go about it the same way with minor variations based on your identity.

What you want to do with your website is what Barnes and Noble did with their bookstores. You remember how book stores just sold books back in the old days? Well, Barnes and Noble changed all that by putting in coffee bars.

What this did was create a social atmosphere, a community. No longer was this just a place to go buy a book. Now, it was a place to meet friends over a cappuccino. Sure, you could browse books and gift items and buy, and the social atmosphere that was created encouraged all that.

More Opportunity To Buy

The longer you hung out at the coffee bar, the greater the chance that you'd think of another book you'd been intending to get, or someone would mention a book and you'd go find it. The coffee bar experience brought MORE people into the store, and they stayed LONGER. They made the store sticky.

How do you apply that methodology to website design? You use proven techniques like the 3 Cs: Content, Community, Commerce.

Takeaway Truth

Come back next week for a lesson on using the 3 Cs to make a website that will pull in the visitors and keep them there.

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