8 Rules for a Happy Writing Career

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Let's start the new month with some Common Sense Rules that will help you have a Happy Writing Career.

1. Don't let other people's ideas about what constitutes literature affect your writing.

2. You must sell a product a buyer wants. Publishing is a business driven by the bottom line. Do the research to find out what publishers want to buy. How? Read widely, network, join professional writers' organizations.

3. Learn to want what the market wants. This is similar to #2 above, but it's more of a philosophical thing. My husband is an energy trader. One of the first things he said he learned is that you must want what the market wants. If the markets are moving up, then you must want to take a position that takes advantage of upward motion. If the publishing market is moving toward a particular genre, find something about that genre that really appeals to you. Then create your own niche within that genre.

4. There is no one way to succeed. What works for Nora Roberts, Stephanie Meyer, or James Patterson may not work for you. Learn what works for you.

5. Know yourself. In order to successfully create, you must know your abilities, aptitudes, desires, and commitment to your goal.

6. Don't be a literary snob. Every genre out there exists because there's an audience for it. Respect what other people write and read.

7. Don't think your words are carved in granite. Any agent or editor will tell you they're not. Learn to take editorial guidance without getting upset.

8. Writing should be fun. If you're not having fun, take a step back and figure out what's killing your joy.

Takeaway Truth

Print this list and post it over your computer as a reminder. Then go forth and write.

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