Dedication Desired

Do you need dedicated web hosting? Admittedly, this probably isn't something most people think about until they begin having problems with security or response time. The right time to research this issue though is before problems crop up.

If you're in business, and there are a lot of us with a toe dipping into the Internet business world now, you may want the extra security offered by dedicated servers. Sure, it costs a bit more, and it's a bit more complicated, but don't let that stop you from protecting your websites whether they're devoted to eCommerce or some web project into which you've put a lot of energy and time.

Litmus Test

Thanks to the guys and gals at WebHostingGeeks, it's easy to check and see if you might need a dedicated server. Just read their introduction to the subject and answer for yourself whether your web business has grown so much that sharing server time and resources results in performance issues for your customers. If you're getting complaints about how slow your website is, that's a good indication that you've got some problems, whether it's disk space, bandwidth, or something else that results from shared server resources.

Which One

It's also easy to select dedicated hosting, aka dedicated server, by checking the stats on the WHG site. They list the Top 10 Best Dedicated Servers, and this isn't just some arbitrary list or a list comprised from advertisers who support the site. The list is from ratings by webmasters all over the world. You can get information on cost, performance, and other issues, and it's all offered to you for free.

Takeaway Truth

Free and accurate information? Now that's my idea of a good website.

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