CounterSpy Will Win You Over

I abhor those websites that offer software to scan your computer for spyware, but, then when it's found, they want you to pay a huge fee to download the software to get rid of the PC poison. That's why I think CounterSpy, Antispyware Software from Sunbelt Software is head and shoulders above the competition.

No Coercion Necessary gives you a free trial of the software, and if spyware is found, you can remove it without first paying. They believe in their product so intensely that they don't have to resort to extortion to get you to buy it. They know that once you've used it, you'll want to buy it. It's that good.

Rest Of The Story

And why shouldn't it be? Sunbelt Software is the creator of VIPRE, what I think is one of the best anti-virus softwares. I should know because I did a lot of research into the subject.

Back at the beginning of summer, I was retained to write about VIPRE, their innovative antivirus. I was so impressed with the product that I immediately purchased it for the new laptop I bought in June. CounterSpy is award winning, and it's the little brother of VIPRE. Best of all, you can get a site license for a very small fee, and I mean small, to cover every computer in your home. As soon as each of my Norton contracts expire, I'll be changing over to Sunbelt's product.

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You can buy online, Chat Live if you have questions, read their daily list of Top Computer Threats, learn what's In The News, and even make suggestions for improvement with Feature Request. What's not to love?

Takeaway Truth

Make a better mousetrap, or, in this case, anti-spyware, and the world will beat a path to your door.

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