Things Found In Books

When our recent flooring adventure ended, I, of course, was stuck with the job of returning everything to bookshelves, closets, and cupboards. I never do this without finding myself sitting, surrounded by mountains of "stuff" that needs putting away, and looking through the books and other milieu of a writer's life.

I have a box labeled: things found in books. I always think it's so interesting what people leave in books, obviously used as a bookmark.

I scanned this to share with you. It's a movie brochure from Army & Air Force Exchange Service. The 4-fold is shown in its entirety. Most of the movies are from 1977 and 78, so I guess this schedule was for April 1978. That was back when there were two Germany's in case you don't know.

Any story or book ideas pop into your head as a result? Enjoy.


  1. That's pretty cool. The best thing I ever found in a used book was $235. Which, of course, I used to buy more used books. I like to invest wisely.