Not Going To Frisco Workshop

The annual Romance Writers of America convenes in San Francisco on July 28. A couple of thousand romance writers will be unchained from their computers for a week of networking, workshopping, and industry hobnobbing until August 1 when they'll all be rounded up and sent home.

I'm not going. I make a conference about once every ten years, and this isn't the year for me. I'm not alone. With RWA having a membership over 10,000, there are more of us not going than going. In fact, there are so many of us who don't attend that we've got where we try to offer something to the stay-at-homers. That way, none of us feel deprived.

Here's a rundown of a few sites to visit while you luxuriate at home in your sneakers instead of forcing your feet into rarely-worn high heels and trekking down a mile of corridor to a banquet room.

The annual NGTCC (Not Going To Conference Conference). This one is free, but you must register with Romance Divas in order to participate. They'll have other authors, agents, and editors as guests.

Paperback Writer is hosting her 3rd annual Left Behind & Loving It Conference with daily workshops.

Erotica author Sasha White will be presenting Voice: The Magic Behind the Words on her blog.

Karen Duvall will be offering Writing Effective Description.

You can check any of these sites for links to other sites offering special workshops.

As for me, I'm offering a workshop Not Going To Frisco: Writing Biz Reality. The Logo for my workshop depicts the best thing about staying at home: no high heels required. Hope you'll drop by each day.

Takeaway Truth

You don't have to spend $2000.00-3,000.00 to enjoy a conference, hobnob with writing pros, and have fun - all in comfortable, luxurious surroundings that allow you to sleep in the best bed in the world. Your own.


  1. Ah. I enjoy reading your daily blog. I'd like to venture into to the writing biz someday. Who wouldn't? I mean people write to be heard right?

    Sad thing, is I like to hear myself talk or write. I guess, brevity is not my strong suit.

    With that in mind. I'll keep this short.


    too late.

  2. ice, if brevity is not your strong suit, then the book is your form. There's an old axiom: a failed poet is a short story writer and a failed short story writer is a novelist.