Movies They Should Make

You see so much dreck spewed from Hollywood, meaning of course, movie makers. Nine times out of ten, the stories are of the following genres:

a. stupid
b. illogical
c. boring
d. who cares?

What's really wrong with the stories? Plot and characterization. The four categories above also illustrate what's wrong with plots. And that's the same thing wrong with the characterization: they're too dumb to live, they act and react in illogical ways under the set of circumstances put forth, they're innately of no interest, and/or they're completely unappealing, unsympathetic, and why would anyone want to spend more than a nano second around these morons?

So why do they make awful movies when there are worlds of captivating books out there with characters you'd love to spend a couple of hours with?

5 Movies I'd Like To See

1. Sheriff Dan Rhodes written by Bill Crider.

2. Stephanie Plum written by Janet Evanovich whose 14th book in the series debuts this week.

3. Any of the heroines created by the late Kathleen Woodiwiss who was a pioneer in the romance publishing world back in the 1970s when she wrote Shanna, A Rose in Winter, or Ashes in the Wind.

4. The intrepid Egyptologist Amelia Peabody written by Elizabeth Peters.

5. A QUALITY movie from any of Dean Koontz's books. I simply don't understand how they can take something like Watchers, a wonderful book that's about a lot more than genetic engineering and monsters, and make the horrible films they've produced. Thank God they've never taken Lightning and butchered it up for film.


  1. I'd like to see that first one, myself!

  2. Hasn't Janet Evanovich's 14 been out for some time. I've already had it from the library, read it, and returned it (and I'll buy it when it comes out in paperback). I'd love to see the Amelia Peabody series as a movie. Or for some hot fun, JD Robb's Naked in Death.

    I want to be entertained at a movie, and I want to escape. We don't usually go out to movies -- it's all Netflix -- but we did go see the new Indiana Jones last weekend, and had a great time. Fun, crazy, lots of suspension of disbelief and some cool characters.