The tech war

Anyone else out there suddenly have any kind of conflict between Word Perfect and your printer?

About three weeks ago, my Word Perfect suddenly developed a problem where it locked up after printing a file. I couldn't get it to print two files in a row.

Since I've been trying to print out a manuscript, this is driving me crazy. Instead of writing, I spend all my time visiting websites in hopes of finding something to resolve this problem. So far, I've downloaded new drivers. No help. Uninstalled Adobe that could have been the problem according to one site. No help. Uninstalled Word Perfect and reinstalled. No help. Uninstalled all the printers and reinstalled with most up to date drivers. No help.

AGGGHHHHHH!!! Sometimes I really hate computers.

If you've had any kind of similar problems, please let me know. Buy me a vowel.


  1. Yes. One problem is that the next time I try to print something, the previous print job starts to print again. I've also had the problem with WP locking up. I was blaming the Epson printer, but maybe it's WP.

  2. I with you, Joan. I don't like Word at all. I'm forced to use it sometimes because of writing-related work I do, but I avoid it if possible.