Stranger than fiction: Bart Whitaker

There's something I just can't wrap my brain around. Here in my county there's a murder trial going on. Bart Whitaker has been convicted of hiring a buddy to murder his family.

This happened two years ago. Bart and his family had gone to dinner to celebrate Bart's college graduation. They went home; a gunman appeared and shot and killed Bart's mother and his teenage brother. Bart was injured slightly and survived.

I'm sure the police immediately thought Bart had something to do with it because I did. You read enough crime fiction and nonfiction and books about how cops thing, and you get a feel for it.

It came out that Bart had not graduated from college, along with other facts. I didn't follow the investigation because it took about two years for them to officially close the case. The triggerman cut a deal and got 15 years in prison. Bart went to trial last week. He took the stand yesterday and basically said that he hated his family because he FELT that the love they gave him was conditional.


That's a reason for killing the woman who gave you life? The brother who was just a kid?

I'll never understand stuff like this. There's got to be something wrong with the brains of people who commit these heinous crimes. Not that, in my opinion, that should excuse it or let the murderer off the hook.

Conditional love? The boy's father testified, pleading with the jury not to kill his son. The man wept and said he forgave his son and begged the jury to sentence him to life instead of the death penalty.

Conditional love?

I'm shaking my head in bewilderment.

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  1. Bart has to be a Sociopath...anti-social with no conscience. As I see it, he had too much in life and didn't appreciate any of it. Wanted more and more. I don't claim, though, to really understand ppl like that. They probably don't even understand themselves.