Travel pics: delta museums

If you get a chance to visit the tiny Louisiana town of Ferriday, hometown of Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart, and Mickey Gilley, by all means stop by the Delta Music Museum. My Mom, a true Jerry Lee fan, is standing in front of their sign in this pic. The museum has inducted a dozen famous Louisianians into their Hall of Fame. Outside, to the right of the entrance to what was an old Post Office building, laser-etched slabs celebrate the three cousins above, along with Fats Domino, Percy Sledge, Irma Thomas, Johnny Horton, and others. Nice museum. Definitely worth a look for music lovers.

Ferriday has another museum celebrating Jerry Lee Lewis and his sister Linda Gayle Lewis. The Lewis Family Museum, a bit unorganized and run down and totally without air conditioning, is operated by Frankie Jean, sister to the Killer. Frankie greets you personally and throws out an anecdote here and there, but she also goes to great length to tell the visitor "don't get me wrong, I love Jerry Lee and Linda Gayle, but neither of them give a dime to support this museum." She takes donations to support her museum which is the home in which she and her siblings grew up. This one was a definite experience.

That's about it for the interesting things I saw on my swing through Louisiana and Mississippi. Well, I'm not counting relatives I visited and fun I had with them.

The next blog you read here will be about writing.

Sling Words out.

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  1. Did you feel anything special around the Jimmy Swaggart memorabilia?