Apparently, I'm hiding

I can't believe a whole week has passed without my blogging. I have a really good excuse though. I've been helping my daughter move for the last two weeks. Lugging scores of boxes up a flight of stairs has been such fun that I simply didn't have time to blog.

Finally, she's moved; I'm exhausted.

No respite for the weary though. The rental property needed additional work. The contractor I'd hired left little things here and there undone. He's "too busy" to come back and do them so guess who's elected to finish the job?

In another week, I start upgrades on another property. Whoever thinks "flipping property" is an easy way to make a killing, think again.

Kindly allow for a period of recuperation in which I hope to get some actual writing done on my work in progress then I'll be back slinging words again in the blogosphere.

Stay tuned.

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