Jack Bauer lives

I find most of television and movies pure crapola, but there are shows that are pure platinum in quality - usually for the same reasons which are quality writing and superb acting.

I missed the Golden Globes last night because there's no way I would have watched anything other than 24. If a writer wants to know how to create conflict and tighten the tension, minute by minute, then tune in to the exploits of Jack Bauer. My whole family is hooked on this action adventure, but not just because it's non-stop action. It's the only show I know that creates characters with a minimum of words, using facial expression and body language to indicate relationships between people and showing that "actions speak louder than words."

Television is a visual medium. We're told this often yet rarely does a show really use the visual element. Rather, most of television (and movies) is just talking heads. 24 is the exception. I did see on entertainment news this morning that Keifer Sutherland did not win the Golden Globe for his acting in last year's Day 4. Unbelievable. His was not just a bang, bang, shoot 'em dead performance. In so many scenes, the play of emotion on his face, as he did what he knew was right rather than what was easy and the resulting aftermath with which he had to live, was worthy of the highest awards.

24 will never be one of those "take it or leave it" shows. It will probably never win many awards, but its fan base will continue to grow. We here at Sling Words thank you, actors, writers, directors, and all the people behind the cameras who make me wait anxiously for next week's episode. Day 5? You've done it again.

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