Goal: Be Sticky

Yes, be sticky--as sticky as you can get. Sticky is good, when it comes to websites.

By the way, when I say website, I don't distinguish between blogs and what you may traditionally consider a website.

If it's a page on the web, whether it's your dot com or a blog or an author page on a big website, then it's a website.

What is a sticky website? It's a website that visitors stay on for prolonged periods and return to often--as if they're stuck to it like chewing gum on the bottom of a shoe.

A website's stickiness is measured by analyzing the traffic it gets. What is it that makes visitors stay on a website? What makes them return?


Content. It's that simple. Give them content that means something to them in terms of "what's in it for me?"

So what's in it for visitors to your website?

Entertainment. Education. Surprises.  Freebies.  Friendship.

Goals for Your Website

All of those--entertainment, education, surprises, freebies, and friendship--should be the goals for your website.

Not to sell books. That's a nice by-product of a good website, but not the reason for the website. You want visitors to stay long enough to appreciate what you offer. You want visitors to return to your site. You want visitors to tell others about your site.

What You're Selling

Every site sells something. Sure, it's easier to spot what overt retailers sell, but every site is a selling
site. If you're an author, you're not really selling a physical product. Your selling yourself--your authentic self.

You're saying, "Hey, I'm a nice person. I love books. I love writing. I want to share that passion for books and writing with readers and other writers. Come visit and get to know me."

Reading was my first love. Writing came second, but I love it too. I adore sharing that. That passion for the written word is what I'm selling I suppose with all my websites.

Best Word Forward

Your websites should be a representation of your best efforts. Make the websites visually appealing with intelligent content tied to what your website is all about. If you write about books and writing, then don't launch into a political diatribe. That's not why your visitors come to your website.

When you see the same visitors again and again, it means you've succeeded in your goal. There's something on your site that brings them back.

If that happens, then chances are your content will bring others also, and your popularity will grow.

You'll build an audience for you, your words, and your product. You'll build friendships.

Is This High School

To some this may sound like a popularity game. I guess to an extent, it is. The only difference is that you don't have to be a football hero or homecoming queen to win visitors to your website. You just have to be willing to be generous to your visitors.

Takeaway Truth

Fortunately, for most writers, offering good content, being friendly, being respectful and generous-hearted comes fairly easy.

Good luck with your websites.

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