3 Tips to Keep Your Brain Young

By the time adults reach a certain age, they're more concerned with maintaining their mental health than their physical looks.

Here are 3 tips based on research studies that work to keep the brain young. Pick one and start today. Then try the others later.

1. Try a video game.

Researchers at the University of California at San Francisco found that video games helped older people reverse age-related memory decline and focus. Participants in the study were given 4 weeks of training. After that, the adults, all in their 80's, were able to beat untrained young adults in their 20's. Six months after the study, the older adults, even without practicing, maintained their skill level.

2. Join a singing group.

Another study UCSF was designed to see if singing improved the health of older adults. The results concluded that singing in a group resulted in less loneliness and better mental health than those in the control group. Additionally, after one year, members of the group had fewer doctor visits and fewer falling events too.

3. Lower your blood sugar.

Scientists in Berlin found that high blood sugar is linked to memory problems. Cut the sugar in your diet.

Takeaway Truth

Often, simple things can greatly improve health. Sometimes, those simple things can be fun too.

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