Writing Mass-Market Fiction

Want to know how to write a novel that sells? If you've wanted some one-on-one guidance from a published author, this is your big chance. Elaine Raco Chase, a talented author who's also an excellent teacher, is taking enrollment for her latest online class.

Something About Elaine

Elaine Raco Chase is the award-winning author of 16 fiction novels and one non-fiction writer's guide. She has over 3 million books in print, and all of her books are still available. She was past president of numerous Romance Writers of America chapters, Past National President of Sisters in Crime, and has taught creative writing for over 20 years at various colleges and universities in the U. S. and Canada. She just finished a stint at Miami-Dade College before returning to the Northern Virginia Area. She is working on her 18th novel, a romantic mystery.


Start date: Monday, October 25.

End date: December 6.

Cost: $75.00, due before class starts.

The class will be run via a special Verizon email account Elaine has set up for this purpose. A lot of the students like the privacy this affords.

Study Sections
  • Overview of publishing today, including info on ebooks, POD, and contacting agents, including a sample query letter/email
  • Word length of material
  • How to layout your novel; when to create a new chapter.
  • Sentence structure
  • Beginnings, middles, endings—of the novel and the paragraph
  • Transitions: how not to take 20 pages getting your character in and out of cars. Moving them through the novel.
  • Dialogue
  • 5 W's: who, what, when, where, why plus how—as it pertains to characters, plotting, plot structure—linear, inverted
Your Responsibility

Weekly writing assignments that will be emailed to Elaine. (Each Monday night, a new section will be assigned, along with a homework assignment.)

What You Get

You'll receive a 10 page critique of the book project you submit for her analysis.

If Elaine feels anyone is "ready," she give those people one on one sessions along with ideas on how to approach an appropriate agent.

How To Enroll

If you're interested, contact Elaine Raco Chase using this email: elainerc at verizon dot net, and, in the Subject box, put Fiction Class.

Takeaway Truth

When you get to the point where you need some honest feedback or some clarification of narrative skills, the writing process, and/or the publishing business, choose someone who has credibility and the ability to help you. Elaine Raco Chase is an excellent choice.

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