Fluffy Sweet Romance? Sort Of

Today, my friend Donna Fasano is visiting SlingWords to tell us about how she came up with the premise and plot of her wonderful new novel Take Me, I'm Yours.

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Fluffy Sweet Romance? Yes, It Is... Sort Of
by Donna Fasano

Heroism – also known as gallantry, valor, daring. Would you have the courage to become someone's hero? What if the victim were a helpless child? Would that move you to act? Even if your own safety or the safety of those you love might be in jeopardy?

Those very questions are fleetingly pondered by the protagonist in the opening of my newest book: Take Me, I'm Yours.

A Writer's Mind At Work

I was sitting on a beach (one of my favorite pastimes) when I saw a little girl walking along the water's edge. She was all alone, and there was no one around for as far as the eye could see. The child didn't look alarmed; in fact, the wind carried the sound of her high-pitched voice as she sang happily and, I suspected, searched for seashells. I stood and had taken a couple of steps toward the little girl, when a man crested the dune and called out anxiously. She squealed in delight, calling, "Daddy!" and ran toward him. The relief on his face was unmistakable as he scooped her up into his arms. After the span of two heartbeats, he scolded her sternly for going off on her own.

Settling back down onto the cool sand, I stared out at the ocean and wondered about all the possible outcomes for that moment in time. That's how the plot for Take Me, I'm Yours came into being.

The Result Of A Writer's Pondering

Of course, my protagonist, Lainey Adams, is moved to action when she sees the little girl on the beach, lost, frightened, and in danger. And Lainey's decision to become a hero changes her life forever. Although this story begins with a scene that's filled with tension, readers can rest assured that this romance novel is sweet and funny and filled with smile-inducing emotion! I hope you'll look for Take Me, I'm Yours.

Takeaway Truth

One reviewer said: "Readers who enjoy Debbie Macomber’s writing will feel right at home in a Fasano novel."

I concur.


  1. Joan, thank you so much for featuring Take Me, I'm Yours. I appreciate it!

  2. You are very welcome, Donna. Hope your new book will fly off the cyber shelves.