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The New Year means it's time to clear out my Library again.

Better to do it now than when the shelves collapse from the weight of all the books I've collected.

Thanks to our daughter constantly preaching about the Konmari "clean out the clutter" book, Hubby and I decided to clear out other things from both of our houses.

Darling Hubby volunteered to take part so there are some "guy" books and other things in our eBay shop, RanchoTex.

To view more pictures of the books below or to see the other collectibles we're selling, drop by for a visit at RanchoTex on eBay.

The Authorized Pictorial History
Dallas Cowboys, Our Story, The Authorized Pictorial History by Jeff Guinn. Copyright 1996 by The Dallas Cowboys Football Club. The Summit Publishing Group.

Condition is Like New for this one of a kind collectible book. Shipped FREE with USPS.

Dust cover has minor wear on top left in back. Hardcover itself is in perfect condition.

222 heavy stock pages filled with one of a kind photographs—many you may not have ever seen since they came from the team's archives.

This was the first book ever written with the full cooperation of the Cowboys organization. No gaps. Everything is here from the beginning to 1996, the date of the copyright.

Insights by the coaches and players throughout team history as well as Pat Summerall and John Madden's picks for their all-star team.

Perfect book for Dallas Cowboys fan of any age or for the enthusiast who thought he knew everything there was to know about the organization. You'd be hard put to find another copy of this book. From the home library of non- smokers.

The Collectible Barbie Doll
The Collectible Barbie Doll: An Illustrated Guide to Her Dreamy World by Janine Fennick.

144 pages. Copyright 1996 by Quintet Publishing Limited.

Very good condition with minor wear in 2 spots on bottom edge. Dust jacket in excellent condition.

Book pages of heavy stock with 300 beautiful glossy photographs that tell the story along with text.

(Inside cover contains inscription that can be covered with a bookplate if desired.)

One of a kind book for the Barbie Collector or a girl who loves the always popular doll.

From the Home Library of non-smokers.

Hardcover Edition of Food Cures

Joy Bauer’s Food Cures: Treat Common Health Concerns, Look Younger & Live Longer.

Copyright 2007

Special Expanded Edition

Like new condition

518 pages

From Home Library of non-smokers.

Great health advice if your goal is to get healthier and more active this year.