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52 Countries

Look left. That is a list of the countries, including my home country of the United States, where you can find my books, albeit in the English language.

The Welcome above is shown in the languages of just a few of  of those 52 countries. The flags of all those countries are shown at right.

Unlike my home country of the United States, people in other countries often speak English in addition to their own language, and possibly even a third language.

Reading in English, or listening to audio books in English, strengthens the mastery of English, which many linguists consider one of the most difficult languages to learn.

I write mostly Fiction, but I've also published Nonfiction and Children's Books. This page is all about Fiction. Visit the Nonfiction page. Visit the Children's Book page.

Email Me

Although most of my sales occur in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, I receive and answer email from people all over the world -- with the help of Google Translator. Please feel free to ask a question or make a comment. Just email me: JoanReeves @

French Editions of My Novels

For those who read French, 3 of my novels are offered in French, ebook and print, by Bragelonne. You can find these books at Kobo France and Amazon France. Those books are:
  • Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones, French Title:
  • Just One Look, French Title:
  • Still the One, French Title:
Directory of Booksellers In Other Countries

What follows, in alphabetical order, is a listing of the booksellers who offer my books in other countries.

All Romance eBooks

Joan's Author Page. This online ebook seller can be accessed from anywhere in the world. To find my books, just put Joan Reeves in their Search box.

Amazon Kindle

Joan's Amazon U.S. Author Page lists all books. Just click Kindle on the page to find the ebooks.

The URL for each book is the same regardless of which Amazon store you may use. The only thing that changes from country to country is the country designation. In the United States, Amazon is: For other countries you change the .com to whatever the country code is.

Here is a list of the Amazon stores in each country where they currently sell.

Amazon Country Codes

United Kingdom:
United States:

My Book Links Automatically Take You to Kindle Shop in YOUR Country

April Fool Bride

JANE I'm-Still-Single JONES

Just One Look

Little Book of Sunshine

Nobody's Cinderella (San Antone Two-Step)

Old Enough To Know Better (The Good, The Bad, and The Girly)

Romeo and Judy Anne (Texas One Night Stands)

Scents and Sensuality

Still The One

The Trouble With Love (Texas One Night Stands)

Written Wisdom

Special Note About Amazon Japan

Since I lived in Japan for many years, I'm particularly happy to welcome Japanese readers.

ジョー ン・リーブスの作品はコミカルでセクシー、chick lit(家族や友達が取り巻く現代女性の日常生活をテーマにした小説のジャンル)なロマンス小説。eBookにおけるベストセラー作家であり、本および オーディオブックの出版も多数。6年間の日本滞在で素晴らしい時を過ごし、日本の文化、そして親切で優しい日本人について理解を深める。日本での kindle発売開始にともない、彼女の小説が英語を読む読者へebooksとして、また同じ小説が英語で語られるオーディオブックとしても発売されるこ とになり、理想的な、英語らしい英語でロマンス小説を読みたい日本の読者に作品を提供できる、と心を躍らせている。


My books are in every country that iTunes/Apple covers. For a complete list of these countries, see the list at top left. To find my books, simply do a search for the title or my name. Or go to my website and find the U.S. iTunes link then change the country designation to your specific country.


This Canadian bookseller also sells worldwide, particularly to French language customers. They have my ebooks in English, and they also carry the Bragelonne French Editions of my novels in French.

Nook Readers By Barnes & Noble

Joan's B&N Page. Barnes & Noble sells books in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom, but they don't make it easy for Nook Readers to find authors, especially in the UK. Some of my books will appear under a search for my name, but most don't. In both Nook stores, they show more of the older print editions than they do the new ebook editions for several of my books.

If you want to buy one of my books for your Nook reader and can't find it, please visit my website. I have current buy links for all of my books.


Joan's Smashwords Author Page . Smashwords makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to buy ebooks published in the United States or elsewhere.


All of my books are available as eBooks in English on the English language platform of XinXii which sells to many countries of the world. Click the XinXii icon below to visit Joan's XinXii Author Page.

Download my books at XinXii

View Covers & Descriptions

To view the Book Covers and read more about each book, please click one of the tabs on the Blog: Joan's Fiction * Joan's Nonfiction * Joan's Children Books * Website.

Thank you for your consideration and support.