How to Fly the U. S. A. Flag

Tomorrow, June 14, is Flag Day in the U. S. A., and I wonder if you know how to correctly display the U. S. A. flag?

The way you display the flag depends on the size of it.

Some of you—usually proud military veterans or their parents—may have an actual flag pole that, but most have smaller flags.

Whatever size of flag you may own, I hope you feel a surge of pride and patriotism when you display it.

How to Fly the U. S. A. Flag Correctly

1. Never let the flag touch the ground.

2. If you hang the flag horizontally from a pole attached to a building, the stars should always be away from the building.

3. If you fly more than one flag, for instance a state flag and a county flag, the U. S. A. flag should be in the center and higher than the others.

4. The flag should never be tied back or pinned in any way. It should always be allowed to fall free.

5. On Memorial Day, the flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon then raised to the top of the staff.

6. Never fly the flag upside down except as a signal of distress in times of extreme danger to life or property.

7. Never fly the flag in bad weather unless you own an all-weather flag.

8. The flag can be flown every day from sunrise to sunset.

9. The flag can be flown at night if illuminated properly.

Takeaway Truth

Tomorrow, I'll give you a list of Flag Display Days.

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