App Review: Typing Club

Do you know someone who is really slow at typing or keyboarding as many call it?

Is that person you?

If you want to increase your speed at typing, there's an easy—and free—way to do it online.

Join the Typing Club.

TypingClub is a very effective way to learn how to type. It's web-based and truly effective. Best of all, it's free for both individuals and schools.

(There is also an optional paid school edition if that's needed for curriculum.)

If you just want to test your typing speed, you can do that too.

If you write on a computer, whether blogs or writing the next bestselling novel, you're speed at being able to complete a project is directly based on your typing speed. If you can' only type 30 correct words a minute, it will take you twice as long as someone who can type 0 words a minute.

So if you need to improve your typing speed, join the Typing Club. The practice drills will really help.

Takeaway Truth

It's never too late to improve your typing skill.


  1. I can go so much faster on a computer, of course. The keys on my old portable were soooo hard to depress I would have taken forever to complete one book.

    1. Yes, computer typing is much faster. Testing your typing on Typing Club will make you feel like a typing celebrity.