3 Truths About Writing

I'm editing my manuscript with the hope of finishing next week so I can send it to the proofreader.

So how about a quote post today?

The general topic is what other authors have said about writing. For non-author readers, this may give you an idea of how we pursue this odd profession.

The writing of fiction is deceptive. It looks easy until you try it! —Jack Bickham

Totally true. If you don't believe me, sit down and try to write a scene about anything with a definite beginning and ending and what happened in between.

There are 3 rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. —Somerset Maugham

You can laugh, but ask any writer how to write a novel, and you'll get some rambling words about how that particular writer goes about it. Every time I sit down to start a new book, I always wonder if I can write it. (I've written about 25 completes and many partials.)

Patience is the writer's ultimate virtue. Checks are always a month late, contracts take forever, and overnight success takes at least ten years. —Anonymous

In 2011, I went from selling a few copies the first month my first ebook was released to selling thousands every day of the month. I was proclaimed by many bloggers as an overnight success. In my case, overnight success took 18 years.

Takeaway Truth

In case you ever thought about becoming an author, arm yourself with patience and persistence and just write. Every day. If you're reader, not a writer, then give authors some understanding and support. Buy their books and leave reviews on the ones you love. Happy Over-the-Hump Day!

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